Travel 2020

The year of ...
COVID,  retirement,  secluded road trips, new love, and a passing.

Trip 5
Boulder to Portland -- December 21, 2020 to January 3, 2021

Spending holidays with family.  I drove straight out early to help with my mom who had a big fall on 12/19.  She passed on 12/26.  Here are her memoirs.

Southeast Portland, OR
45.482, -122.582 (12/24)
Great Christmas Eve with Flo and Cindy.  The served their traditional enchiladas.

Lake Oswego, OR
45.4, -122.7(10/8)
Christmas Day!

Lake Oswego, OR
45.4, -122.7(10/8)
New Years Eve
Adios 2020 and Hola 2021!

Trip 4
Boulder to Bend -- November 23, 2020 to November 30, 2020

Hitting the road to spend Thanksgiving in Bend and then visit Dannie.

Sulfur Canyon BLM, UT
39.201, -109.280  (11/23)
This is a favorite camp spot.  See Favorites.

Bend, OR
44.063, -121.315  (11/24-28)
Thanksgiving in Bend!

Lake Oswego, OR
45.4, -122.7  (11/29-30)
Visited with Dannie the Wonderful!

Trip 3
Boulder to the NW via Yosemite -- September 28, 2020 to October 14, 2020 

Won the Half Dome pass lottery.  Heading to Yosemite

Arches National Park, Moab, UT
38.698, -109.550  (9/29)
Boondocked at the Garden of Eden Viewpoint.

Near Sevier Lake, UT
38.977, -113.373  (9/30)
This is a favorite camp spot.  See Favorites.

Yosemite National Park, CA
37.736, -119.603  (10/1-3)
Yosemite was almost empty because of COVID and fires.  Half Dome was not as hard as I thought.  Spent a lot of time at the empty Sentinel Beach Picnic Area

Patrick's  Point State Park, CA
41.129, -124.163  (10/4)
Boondocked at the coast.  The Chart Room (130 Anchor Way, Crescent City, CA has the best breakfast sandwich ever!

Centralia, WA
46.7, -122.9  (10/5-7)
A little trailer repair, home made salsa, and margaritas.  Ray taught me how to make apple wine.

Lake Oswego, OR
45.4, -122.7  (10/8)
Arrived Lake Oswego.   Let the good times roll!

Lewis River Trail, WA
46.063, -121963 (10/9)
Stopped at the most beautiful falls ever -- Lower Lewis River Falls.

Lake Oswego, OR
45.4, -122.7  (10/10-12)
More great family time and food.

Trip 2
Boulder to the NW via Yellowstone -- August 3, 2020 to August 18, 2020

We hit the road again to visit family.

???, WY
44.244, -121.105  (8/3)
This is a good overnight boondock spot -- plenty of people.

Yellowstone National Park, WY
44.133, -110.665 (8/4)

Whistlers Bend Park, OR
43.311, -123.218 (8/5-9)
The family hangs on the North Umpqua River.

Sauvie Island Beach, OR
45.775, -122.775  (8/10)
Great little beach to windsurf and hang.

Portland, OR
41.162, -112.019  (8/11)
Food and electric boat ride on the Columbia River.

Centralia, WA
46.7, -122.9  (8/12-16)
Skipped The Campout because of COVID so we had a small family reunion in its place.

Trip 1
Boulder to the NW-- June 8, 2020 to June 19, 2020

Retirement officially started on June 6.  Time to hit the road!

Near Green River, WY
41.439, -109.311  (6/8)
Boondocked here for the night along US 191.

Hill Aerospace Museum, Ogden,
UT 41.162, -112.019  (6/9)
This is a must see: an amazing collection of Air Force hardware.

Northern End Great Salt Lake, UT
41.738, -112.748  (6/9)
This boondock spot had clear views of the Great Salt Lake.  But sadly, after a beer, I needed to retreat to avoid the mosquitos.

Alvord Lake, OR
42.528, -118.494  (6/10)
Camped in the middle of this dry lake bed.  It was so quite and the stars were shining bright.

Near Redmond, OR
44.244, -121.105  (6/11)
Boondocked at an National Guard base for the night.  I had a flat that I needed to get fixed the next day in the in Redmond.

Port of Garibaldi, OR
45.554, -123.916  (6/12)
Stopped by Neskowin Beach on the way to this boondock spot near the USCG dock overlooking Tillamook Bay.

Centralia, WA
46.7, -122.9 (6/13-15)
Ray and Barb welcomed me with a glass of wine and hugs.

Lake Oswego, OR
45.4, -122.7  (6/16-18)
Arrived Lake Oswego!  Great food and the new kitty: Mochi.